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Our strong design, technical and aftersales capabilities have established our credibility as a trusted EV …player across the two… , three and four wheelers categories.

We are a registered association representing Indian manufacturers of electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle components. Our compnay works closely with the central and state governments to assist the formulation of policies and processes supporting the EV ecosystem. We have contributed significantly to the cause of promotion of EVs in the country and rationalization of import duties and reduction of local taxes and levies. Keen to play an active role in the discussion of the issues faced by the Electric Vehicle industry and practical aspects to help enhance the penetration of Electric Vehicles towards meeting the goals of our nation.

Perfect platform to learn, share and experience as we move forward into an age where alternative energy efficient modes of transportation would be in demand. Electric Vehicle Technology is gaining ground and popularity rapidly. This segment has tremendous potential as it is an environment–friendly, non-polluting means of transportation.

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